question received from jayjoystickHey whats up I googled my old tumblr and one of my pics turned up on your site with tons of reblogs. I’m honored. lol Just curious How do you and your wife deal with your need to masturbate? I’m worried when my gf finds out how much I like to jack off…

And that’s exactly why…I post the things I do; because the chances of initiating a discussion about masturbation in an established relationship (married or otherwise) may be slim to none, for fear of alienating a partner. But hopefully, there are some single or divorced men reading my blogs who have the opportunity to raise the issue before making any long-term commitments, and if the woman in question seems offended or put-off by your attitude about self-pleasure, it’s damn better to find that out up-front.

Actually, I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of masturbation-related correspondence there is here on Tumblr, especially since most (if not all) of us men come here for visuals to masturbate to. And if we can’t even bring ourselves to talk about it here, what chance is there that we’re going to talk about it with a woman?